The range of pub style slots that players can choose from are very interactive in their style of play and this is one of their most attractive attributes. Those players who want a less involving style of play where the results are formed at random should play free Twister which offers a fun playing session. The reasons that people chose to play free Twister are numerous with one of the main reasons being the quality game play that offers a large format and three great bonus rounds. The fun theme is another of the reasons that people choose to play free Twister as its very entertaining giving a disaster a fun twist. The visual and sound effects that are implemented to bring the fun theme to life when people play free Twister are very entertaining as they create an uplifting playing environment. The games provision on an online platform was hugely popular with players as they loved the chance to spin the reels without having to leave their own homes. The game is available to be enjoyed at the online operator listed in this website guide providing players with a secure and safe place to spin the reels.

The provision of this and the collection of pub slots free online meant that people were no longer restricted to pub opening hours to enjoy their favourite games. The theme that people experience when they play free Twister is very entertaining as it is based on the natural disaster of a hurricane. Hurricanes are very prevalent in the South of America where they are a common occurrence meaning people in this area are terrified of them. This dark disaster theme is given a very lighthearted and comic twist through the way it’s presented as the effects used give the game a fun feel. The visual effects that people experience when they play free Twister are all cartoon animated and they give the game a fun uplifting feel. The visual components people will see when they play free Twister include the background, symbols and title text. The symbols people see when they play free Twister are all animated in a colourful style and include different characters panicking because of the impending hurricane. The symbols also include different objects and items that are blow up by the hurricane including trailers and mobile toilets. The title text is presented with a fog of smoke surrounding it and looks like a bolt of lightning which players will appreciate.

The sound effects that are played to people who play free Twister are excellent as they help build on the slots exciting theme. The different winning line combinations that players can form when they play free Twister all trigger a differing sound effect. The three bonus rounds in the game all have their own unique sound effect that’s played to enhance the slots performance. The fusion of the visual and sound effects help create a very pleasant playing environment that players will relish. Those players wanting a simpler selection of effects should play free Fruit Bingo where they can fully focus on the game play without flashy distractions. The game play that players will enjoy when they play free Twister is exceptional as they are offered three bonus rounds and a large slot format. The format of the game is a five reel and twenty five win line slot which offers players lots of flexibility over their win line selection. The first choice a player must make when they play free Twister is how many of the twenty win lines to have active when the reels are spun. The higher the player makes their win line selection when they play the game means their winning chances increase.

The major aim for people when they play free Twister is to line up three, four or five of the same symbols across an active win line. The more symbols that are aligned across a win line increases the amount paid out to the player incrementally. The different symbols people can line up when they play free Twister all result in different amounts being awarded and these amounts are shown in the pay table. The pay table is a great tool that is also seen by people who play free Prime Property allowing them to identify which symbols they should focus on aligning. The slot unlike the other pub slots free do not offer the use of nudges and holds which allow the player to use their own influence to manipulate the reels. The bonus rounds that are available to people who play free Twister include the scatter, wild and gamble features. The scatter bonus is represented by the television symbol which the player needs to spin in three, four or five of the same symbols onto the screen. The scatter bonus when activated by people who play free Twister rewards players with twenty win spins that double all winnings.

The wild bonus that’s available to people who play free Twister is represented by the hurricane symbol. The hurricane symbol has the power to swap places with any other symbol on the board helping to form a winning line combination. The final bonus available to people who play free Twister is the optional gamble bonus. The optional gamble bonus is presented to players at the end of a winning spin of the reels. If the player accepts the gamble bonus they are presented with a fifty / fifty bet where they can double or lose their winnings. The gamble bonus if guessed correctly can be repeated giving players a great chance to make big increases to their prize fund. The combination of the three bonuses available to people who play free Twister creates a hugely entertaining and enjoyable playing session. Players who would prefer a more engaging slot game with only one bonus round should play free Cash n Curry. In conclusion people who play free Twister will enjoy a great theme combined with stunning effects that manage to create an excellent playing environment. The game play in the slot is also excellent as it offers players the chance to enjoy a selection of great features.